“The Walking Dead” rise again this fall

Staff Writer

We all like to talk about what we would do if the zombie apocalypse happened. It is fun to think that you would stay alive until they fixed it, and turns into a battle hardened piece of awesome with those bullet belts they wear in war movies and maybe some badass scars. Then you like to think about who else would make it. You just sit in class scanning the room, silently judging your classmates on whether or not they would survive.

“He’d survive, he’d survive; he wouldn’t survive, she would totally survive. Haha, he totally wouldn’t last a day; she still wouldn’t date me if I was the last guy alive from this horrible zombie attack.”

When it comes to “The Walking Dead,” the name speaks for itself. The show began on Halloween 2010, which gave me a different idea of what the show’s general focus would be. When I first heard about this show and its release date I thought, “Oh okay, AMC is doing an hour long Halloween Special. I guess it’ll be scary, action packed, and super poorly acted like 99% of scary movies and shows that come out now.” So Halloween passes and I start to see commercials for this show again. “Ok that’s a strange thing to do, running a Halloween special’s reruns a week after Halloween.” Come to find out it is a super intense drama that is set in this Instagram filled wasteland that really dives into human nature and relationship drama, but with zombies.
Let’s talk about the characters that seem to be in a constant state of dying in this very popular zombie apocalyptic drama. Do not worry readers, I am not writing about every character, just the ones that the International Movie Database, also known as IMDB, say are important. First, there is Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, who is a cop from some cow town in Georgia. Rick plays the role of leader for the people seeking refuge from the zombie onslaught. Next there is Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun, and I would have to say he is my favorite character since he’s got such a cool name, “Glenn” just has a really nice ring to it, right? But really, Glenn was a pizza delivery boy before all this stuff happened and has taken up the responsibility of the gatherer of supplies and food, so he is keeping it close to his original job. The last character I will mention is Carl Grimes, and I know what you’re thinking, but he is Rick’s son. He does not just happen to have the same last name. He has all sorts of weird stuff going on ever since his dad got put in a coma. His family keeps trying to hide him from the horrible world he lives in now, but it is difficult. Having this character that allows seeing this insane situation through a child’s eyes is a very interesting addition.
This show seems to be very popular with its viewers. When I went to ask people if they watched it the “noes” were few and far between, and whenever the answer was “yes,” the people pretty much screamed it at me. Freshman Amanda Baxter told me that she would not change anything about the show. Sophomore Austin VonVille, on the other hand, did have a change in mind.
“There’s too much drama! I want more zombie attacks,” said VonVille, “There’s a lady who’s pregnant and they won’t shut up about it.”
So the drama is not for everybody, but everyone I have talked to who watches the show loves it. So if you’re looking for something engaging and exciting to watch I believe most episodes are on Netflix, so you can go catch up after you study.
Walking Dead returns Sunday Oct 13 at 9 PM on AMC.