Wear the world, change the world

Community Editor

Senior C.J. Huguley is an active participant of Serengetee and hopes to educate others about how they can make a difference in someone’s life. He wants to spread the word and help promote Serengetee, an organization which can benefit women, men, and children alike in other regions of the world. They want to connect people to the globe through fabric, all while giving back to the communities whom inspired their products.

Question: “What is Serengetee?”

Answer: “Serengetee is an organization that helps to support 32 causes globally; it began when college students traveled around the world to collect fabrics of all different kinds. They traveled to Africa, Asia and many other regions of the world to collect the
needed for
each shirt.”

Question: “How did you find out about this company?”

Answer: “I was watching a YouTube video and an advertisement of the shirts came up and I thought it was cool, so I clicked on it. This is where I began to research Serengetee and social media was also a major influence of my research.”

Question: “What makes this unique?”

Answer: “The t-shirts themselves are unique because the cloth for the pockets is collected from a specific region which holds meaning to the area. All pockets are handmade from material specific to each region and people from that region actually stitch the fabric.”

Question: “Why is Serengetee important to you?”

Answer: “Serengetee is important to me because I believe it is important for college students to see poverty. It is a simple idea of giving back and getting involved.”

Question: “What do you want people to know at VWC?”

Answer: “I want people to know that it is not about me giving away shirts. I want them to get involved and buy shirts, shorts or tank tops; it is all about giving back.”

Huguley would like people to do their part in helping to make an impact on someone else’s life by purchasing products that benefit the countries this organization is supporting. Within the next few weeks a promo code for 10-15% off the purchase of t-shirts will be available. If interested in buying a t-shirt and giving back to other regions worldwide, t-shirts can also be purchased online.