Weight room gets a new face “lift”

Staff Writer

The Batten Fitness Center has received a few new additions in the recent months. Most recently, three new machines (leg curl, leg press and leg extension) have found their way into the weight area. The machines that had to be replaced had a history of dysfunction and were often out of order. Due to the recent upgrades, students should no longer be affected by outdated equipment.
The weight room in the Batten Center is as old as the building itself. Some of the fitness equipment has been there just as long. William Harrell, director of fitness, and his staff have been working hard on getting all of the equipment up to date.
“I am currently on a five-year plan to help replace equipment,” said Harrell. There have been eight new machines purchased for the fitness center over the last few years with plans to put in three more.
Students, as well as staff, seem to have taken a liking to the new machines.
“I think the new machines are great. They are low profile and require less floor space,” said Village Coordinator Ryan Metz, who is also a member of the Wesleyan Weight Lifting Club.
“The machines also contain useful features that enhance any training regimen,” said Metz.
While people do seem to appreciate the upgrades made by the fitness team, there are some specific needs they would like to see accommodated.
“The Fitness Center is great; I use it just about every day. It would help me out though if we had things more specific for my baseball workouts though,” said junior baseball player Jordan Miller.
A number of suggestions have been buzzing around campus, including bumper weights and ropes for higher intensity training.
While the Fitness staff is not looking to expand the weight area, they are always open to suggestions from faculty, staff and students. During their updates, the fitness staff is doing its best to keep the entire college in mind. They would like to get as much use out of the new purchases as possible.
“What may work for some, may not work for others,” said Harrell.
The Batten Fitness Center offers a number of benefits to its patrons, including the new machines that track each individual workout. Also, there are a number of tools that enhance workouts, and ensure effective training. Equipment includes scales, mats for floor exercise, a body fat indicator, jump ropes and exercise balls, all of which have been acquired over time as part of Harrell’s renovation plan.
Batten Fitness Center caters to a wide range of individual needs. The Fitness Center is used by athletes, students, faculty, staff and guests, and is designed so that everyone can reap the benefits of the equipment.
Fitness courses are offered to students each semester, which offer personalized training for those who wish to embark on a fitness plan, or reach new strength, speed or stamina goals.
Each course provides instruction on effective ways to work out, different exercises and how they affect the body and many other nutritional health facts.
No personal training sessions are provided by fitness staff, but due to the cooperative atmosphere in the Fitness Center, students will often aid and instuct one another.