What it takes to be a Marlin

On Saturday, Feb. 24 Virginia Wesleyan University welcomed prospective students who have made VWU part of their college choices. The day was filled with tours, games, meet and greet with staff and faculty and much more. Student and faculty were very much a part of the day as they were giving tours, playing games, or just simply explaining to the future students what life at VWU consists of. “Marlin Day features two rounds of tours, a parent session, a transfer session, and a freshman session where the future students played a trivia game; as always we also had the academic fair where the students could meet some of the professors” Student Coordinator Gabriella Adams said.

Marlin day is very important to the Virginia Wesleyan University community because it is almost like the “first impression” of the school on maybe new students. Prospective students were able to see first-hand what the life on VWU campus is like, whether it was being walked through the steps themselves or being able to see current students partake in their daily routines hoping that it will make an impact.

“Marlin day ran smoothly with a high hope that these students either apply or commit to our school after visiting the day; there were many students and their parents satisfied with our work and VWU,” Adams said about the success of Marlin Day.

One of the greater things about Marlin Day is the impact it has on the current students, especially graduating seniors. A lot of the seniors have much advice and college experience, which can be impactful for the students who are deciding if Virginia Wesleyan is the place for them and get to hear about their experiences.

“When you first get to campus you will want to stay indoors and be antisocial of the first couple of days, do not do this. It is imperative that you get out and explore the campus and make new friends. The events that will be held for the incoming freshmen are opportunities for you to branch out and find out what you like do or even what you want to study. This is especially important for non-athletes who are not introduced to anyone before they get on campus. branch out and enjoy the activities the school has for you!” Graduating senior NiAsia Caldwell said.

For the prospective students, Marlin Day importance was to show the students and their parents how much a person gains from being a student here at Virginia Wesleyan University and everything the school has to offer. Virginia Wesleyan University has numerous clubs and organizations not to mention the many activities that are held throughout the year and Marlin Day is just a small glance of all of that.

“I would tell future students to take full advantage of everything this school has to offer. Clubs, organizations, events, everything This school is located in such a prime area that you can experience so many things while not straying far from campus,” Adams said.

Virginia Wesleyan University was very happy with the way last weekend MarlinsDay had gone, and about the future students who will be attending the campus next semester. There is hope in waiting to see these future students who attended Marlin Day to create their own great experiences here at Virginia Wesleyan University.

Caldwell shared her experiences with future students, “I have experienced many great moments on campus throughout my four years. During every homecoming, the school spirit on campus is at an all-time high. Soccer season is in full effect and the parades, tailgates, and the infamous Airband show. In addition, most of my favorite moments here at VWU stem from Black Student Union events. BSU is for ALL students not just a certain group of students. They hold plenty of fun events for students to all come together as a family on this campus and celebrate life and have fun. I’ve met some great people and have made some lifelong friends, try to enjoy as much events as you can.”

Brianna Kidwell