Where are they now- Ben Fletcher

Ben Fletcher is a former member of Virginia Wesleyan College’s men’s lacrosse team.  He played defensemen for the Marlins in his tenure at the school while off the practice field he worked towards a degree in business and a minor in communications.  Ben’s focus while getting his business degree was to get into some form of marketing.

After graduation, Fletcher had a great internship lined up with local newspaper company the Virginian Pilot.

“I was very fortunate to have a paid internship with a great company like The Virginian Pilot. I was in the Marketing and Events department,” Fletcher reflected.

After this internship had concluded, it opened up the door for better opportunities.

“It has sent me on a path in which I can work in the field that I studied in and seek out certain traits that I look for in a job such as working in a team environment and being able to use my creativity and interpersonal skills,” Fletcher explained.

Many employers in the professional world love looking for former college athletes.  This is because the athletes know what it is like to work together to achieve one common goal, whatever that may be.  This is no different for Fletcher’s employers

“Being able to work in a team environment makes you a more attractive candidate when applying and interviewing for jobs. All of the jobs that I have interviewed with have asked me about my experience on the lacrosse team. If you are able to effectively communicate with others to reach a common goal, it’s much easier to perform well professionally,” Fletcher said.

Another factor of being in the professional world is being able to take what you have previously learned and use it to your advantage when in the real world.  Virginia Wesleyan College seems to prepare its students quite well according to Fletcher.

“I use the skills that I learned in school daily. But you quickly find out in the real world that learning never stops and you have to continuously apply yourself to become a better professional,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said the biggest thing you can do when in a new place is ask questions, “You can’t be afraid to ask questions and learn from the people around you.”

For many students coming into college, graduation seems as though it is many years away. Which in reality it is but those 4 years go by faster than you think.  Students like Ben Fletcher realized that there was going to have to be another life after sports.  He prepared well in advance to make sure that he had good opportunities lined up for himself when his time at Virginia Wesleyan College concluded.

Fletcher advises students to be open-minded when looking for jobs after college.

“Have an open mind and be proactive about getting jobs and internships before graduation. It’s difficult to find a job and the interview process can take a long time. Develop a resume that is professional and start thinking about who you would write down if a company asked you for references. Also, it is important to find a mentor. Whether that is a coach, alumni, professor, or another staff member within the college. For me, I relied on Dr. Ferguson a lot my senior year. Her door was always open and I could talk to her about anything. She was great and I’m thankful that I can still contact her even though I have graduated.” Wise words, from a wise man that seems as though his future is looking bright. Keep making Marlin athletics, and the Marlin community proud Ben.

Corey King