Who killed Kylie Jenner? Students solve the mystery

The Wesleyan Activities Council (WAC) hosted a murder mystery event for students on Friday, Nov. 15. This event was created with the collaboration of WAC and Mission Improvable productions.

The event began with attendees being greeted with a nametag of a celebrity that they will act like for the remainder of the night. There was roughly 10 minutes of mingling and eating hors d’oeuvres. The action began sharply with a scream and “detectives” running into the room who were yelling at people to put their hands up. The detectives announced that there has been a murder. They proclaimed that Kylie Jenner was the one murdered.

The investigators called on many attendees to try and figure out who murdered Kylie. They would respond by blaming other “celebrities” and what they did in regard to the murder. Additionally, they asked the audience to look for clues, and one person found a manila folder under one of the chairs. They discovered a cut and paste ransom letter that was from the “killer.”

Each table group then drew what they thought the killer looked like. Table members had to take turns drawing the face, ears, nose, eyes and other features. Then, the detectives distributed evidence packages to each table with all of the evidence of the night for the attendees to try to guess the killer.

They concluded the night by reading each group’s guesses. Four groups had the correct answer: Rihanna. The ransom note included the word Barbados, the clue Umbrella.

Freshman Josh Heller enjoyed the event, and had different expectations for the activity. “I expected this event to be like the game body-body, or murder mystery in the dark,” Heller said. “I felt like the murder mystery theme was really enjoyable with a lot of humor. It was a great interactive activity that I have never experienced before.”

Freshman Kellee Wilson thought it was an excellent event. “I definitely think WAC should do an event like this again, and I am looking forward to the glow roller rink event this Friday,” Wilson said.

Coordinator for Student Activities Programming Alia Banks believes that looking back on previous events, our university has never had an activity like this. “We have brought hypnotists, mentalists, live bands, but we have never had something like this. This takes game show to a different level because it is so interactive.”

For the remainder of the semester, WAC will have a couple more events: Glow Roller Rink on Nov. 22, Christmas Tree Lighting on Dec. 6, Spa a La Marlin and Late Night Breakfast on Dec. 11.

Next Thursday, Nov. 21, Banks will be hosting a WAC town hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Boyd Dining Hall. “I will allow students to come and talk to me with any ideas they have, and any collaboration that students would like to do,” Banks said.

Connor Merk