Wireless speakers spread noise pollution epidemic across Wesleyan

Virginia Wesleyan University is a school full of passion. Many of our fellow students and faculty brighten up this campus day after day in many ways. A new method I have noticed in the recent months is the use of wireless speakers to broadcast music when people are outside. I myself, being a music lover, think this is wonderful. People are spreading their interests to others around them. However, this can also be annoying to some. Not everyone approves of blasting music outside for multiple reasons.

First of all, the music, depending on the type, can be disruptive to people’s daily lives. Students and faculty both occasionally go outside to get some of their work done and would like to have peace and quiet while doing so. I know some people would probably tell these students and faculty to just put on headphones, but some people enjoy having the peace and serenity that nature has to offer and do not wish to listen to music while they are working. If you are going to play music out loud, make sure that you are being respectful of those around you.

Second of all, some people may not enjoy your music choice or be offended by it. I know this reason sounds ridiculous, but imagine if you were trying enjoy a nice day and someone starts blasting random music.

The life of a college student, or professor, is stressful and music can be a great way to relieve such stress. Sadly, not everyone is always in a musical mood and you should be respectful of those around you. I am writing this article to encourage awareness of the world around you as well as awareness of your fellow students here at VWU and their feelings. Long live music, but also long live the respect you should have for those around you.

Jonathan Joyner