Women’s soccer: season over

Women's Soccer
Sophmore Annie Hartman defends the ball against a Lynchburg player in the ODAC semi-finals

John McCormick | Lynchburg College

By Alexis Platt

Women’s Soccer ended its season in a tough overtime against the Lynchburg Hornets. The Hornets got off 26 shots against the Marlins, but couldn’t find a way to score against the Marlins by halftime.

“My teammates and I didn’t go out without a fight. We fought every second of the game and gave it our all. Everything was left out on that field, and we will be picked up when we crush Lynchburg next year,” junior Kristen Cherry said.

“We played really well, and we put it all out there. The opportunity to finish some of our chances would have been great,” said head coach Jeff Bowers.

Sophomore goalie Megan Gerhart finished the game with five saves.

“I don’t feel like there was anything that we could’ve done differently. We played with so much heart and passion that night and unfortunately came up with the short end of the stick. Everyone worked hard and there’s nothing else that I would want,” Cherry said.

This season the Marlins’ biggest obstacle was acclimating to change. Coach Bowers added a new formation, lots of new drills, and even a new warm up before every game. “I’d say the transition for returners learning the new things, and like every other year our new players getting adjusted to everything as well,” junior Jasmine Dao said.

The Marlins hit some big bumps in the road, but still finished with a fairly high standing in the conference.

The Marlins went on this season without key players Jasmine Dao and Kaitlyn Clunan.

“Any time you lose your leading goal scorers and a captain it changes dynamics, no doubt about it, but it gave the younger players the opportunity to step up and grow for the future,” Bowers said.