Woo them right

Kelly Marvel
Staff Writer

With flowers, chocolates, dinner and a gift, Valentine’s Day can become a fairly expensive holiday. On a college budget, this holiday of love can seem nearly impossible to pull off, but there are plenty of less expensive ways to create the romantic ambiance that is expected every Feb. 14.
A quick dinner and night of dancing can set the scene for a fun and casual Valentine’s Day date. The dance clubs Peabody’s, The Wave and Shaka’s are all open on Thursday nights. Peabody’s and The Wave are both open to customers 18 years and older. Shaka’s age limit is 21 and older.
Peabody’s hosts a “Lady’s N’ Lights” night every Thursday, so all women get in for free. Also on Thursdays, The Wave features an “I love the ‘90s” night.
Planning a scavenger hunt can be an inexpensive romantic gesture. Leaving Valentine themed notes inscribed with thoughtful and humorous clues can be more meaningful than any piece of jewelry.
“My best friend had a guy leave her puzzle pieces with a flower at every location of the scavenger hunt,” said sophomore Lauren Hoffman.

“At the end of the hunt she had most of the puzzle put together and he came in holding the final piece and a bouquet of flowers. The puzzle spelled out, ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ It may have been cheesy, but she loved it.”

The scavenger hunt could lead to a favorite restaurant, nostalgic and meaningful spot or to a homemade meal for two.
Cooking a meal, instead of going out to eat, could be a huge money-saver. The recipe does not have to be a complicated one, as long as there is a solid effort. Setting the table, lighting some candles and taking care of every part of the meal could be the perfect present for a stressed out student who is craving a home-cooked meal.
If going with the classic dinner and a movie night, Redbox is always an option. One dollar movie rentals alongside a nice dinner make for a perfect relaxing night in. Going out to watch a movie on a Thursday night is not quite as expensive on the weekends and most theaters charge under $11 per ticket. Cinemark and Regal theaters both offer student and military discounts. “Safe Haven,” “A Good Day to Die Hard” and “Beautiful Creatures” all premiere on the Feb. 14, so there is a variety of films for any moviegoer’s taste.
Red roses are not the only option for flowers. Buying someone’s favorite flower can be a more thoughtful and cheaper route than the traditional red roses. Phi Kappa Tau is selling red carnations until Thursday in the Batten center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Flowers will be delivered anywhere on campus on Valentine’s Day.
Preparing for an ideal Valentine’s Day date does not have to result in only being able to eat Ramen noodles for months. There are plenty of economical ways to spend the holiday, so make this holiday a little more thoughtful and a little less costly.