Congress coffee break

Opinions Editor

I smell something: it’s bull—-! This whole government crackdown is completely idiotic and unnecessary. Just because Congress cannot make a simple decision on something as equally stupid as Obamacare does not mean we need to jeopardize the jobs and well-being of the citizens of these United States.
Equally frustrating is the fact that Congress will still be getting their full paychecks while citizens are getting laid off and jobs are being cut at a huge rate. What gives them the right to keep their undeserved, hefty paychecks while the middle class suffers yet again due to our government’s complete disregard of their well-being?
It all comes back to our government not being able to do its job. The Republicans want one thing, but the Democrats want another thing and it turns into a “you’re stupid, you’re dumb” fight. If our government actually cared about what the people wanted, we would not need to shut down the government.
Just be prepared for our world to crumble into Panem and have our children fight to the death, because that is what it is going to come down to. When our government can no longer fully support us, we will fall and someone else will come along and either make it better or destroy us even further. Of course, I am just speculating and slightly over-exaggerating, but I am trying to be a realist. When our government has to shut itself down over not being able to decide on whether or not to pass a bill, it has failed us.
To be honest, I do not think this shutdown will last long. Eventually, Congress has to realize the damage it is doing to the public and that without a functioning government, we cannot be a functioning society.
Say what you want about it, but a government is necessary for society to thrive. Without rules, there is chaos. I mean, we all saw what happened to Gotham City when Bane shut down the government and let the city take control.
Bottom line, the government needs to get its priorities in line. As a college student, I need a job and a place to live and, with the government abandoning all of us, it would be hard to sustain a semi-livable life without available jobs and the housing market slowly failing. I hate the government just as much as anyone else who hates it, but I want a functioning government in order to secure my well-being. Without it, we are lost.
Once our government decides what’s truly important for us, not just them, we can be a fully functional society. It may not be possible to fix the whole government overnight, but hopefully the shutdown will be resolved as quickly as possible.