A Letter to VWU

Dear Friends,

I began the ride of my life at Virginia Wesleyan in 1988. Vice President Bill Joseph hired me after I bluffed my way into thinking I knew about computers. Three decades later, all of you who know me will attest, I barely know how to turn one on, but thank you for always having my back, my friends in the Business Office and I/T services. You are ‘my people’ and I love you so!

My dear Mom taught me “The Lord loves a cheerful giver.” She taught me the Christian way of giving, and Mr. J. taught me the Wesleyan way. The first week on the job, I needed to procure lighting and resurfacing of the tennis courts. I quickly became friends with the Physical Plant, and we got the project done. You wonderful people were ‘my people,’ my go-to in any situation people, and I cherish every one of you. Until this day, I get a feeling of pride passing by the tennis courts on my way to my office.

I can honestly say that every day coming to work was a wonderful adventure. Purchasing was fun because it was never the same job two days in a row. One day, buying chalk for the classrooms and the next day, leasing 15-passenger vans for our athletic teams. What a great ride I had!

My husband, John, had an office in Blocker Hall for over 20 years and worked in the IT department. How lucky I was to work with my best friend. It came with lots of little perks, like an occasional kiss at lunchtime when no one was looking (glad HR never found out!).  John always referred to his colleagues in Blocker as ‘his people.’ He knew and I knew the teachings of these brilliant professors. We knew they were teaching the young people of today who would one day do great things like finding a cure for cancer and solving world hunger. We felt like in our own tiny-weeny way, we were doing our part to make that happen too. Between John and me, we gave VWU over 50 years of service and always cheerfully and with tremendous pride, just like my dear Mom taught us.

As the accounts payable bookkeeper, I was glad to process payments that enabled our students to achieve their goals of a good education. Whether paying for conferences, securing transportation for field trips, or robing them for graduation, I gained much satisfaction. The students were ‘my people,’ and I loved helping them along their journey.

My fondest and most enduring memories of VWU will be working with the most wonderful people on this good earth. I will cherish your friendships and love forever in my heart. Once a Marlin, always a Marlin. I am most grateful for the great ride! Wishing God’s continued blessings on Virginia Wesleyan and each of you.  


Elaine Aird ‘96