Adjunct professor resigns: update

As reported on Sept. 18 in our last issue, Adjunct Professor of Management, Business and Economics Francis DeMasi sent out an email to his class stating that he has resigned from his position. DeMasi was the course instructor for the MBE400 Seminar in Managerial Ethics course. It was later announced that Dr. Frank Futyma took over DeMasi’s place for the duration of the semester. Although, as of Oct. 6, DeMasi remains listed on the directory on VWU’s website and as a course instructor on WebAdvisor. 

In response to this situation, Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Operational Management Jason Seward stated, “We cannot speak to personnel issues. The university has specific medical documentation that must be received before a [COVID-19] case can be confirmed.” 

DeMasi also declined to comment on the issue.

By Connor Merk