All is fair in love and college

Shay Mills
Opinions Editor

Lately, as I go throughout my day just asking my friends random questions about their personal lives, I have noticed that a lot of students here are either in or want to be in long distance relationships. I find this interesting, being a military brat, I have quite a lot of experience in long distance love. And though it breaks my heart to say these things, I must address them.
During my sophomore year of high school, I met a guy and formed an incredible friendship with him that turned into love. We were not exactly clear or sure of that love at the time, so I moved away and he moved on with his life.
However, we did keep in contact and three years later, we were still in love but college was starting. I came to Norfolk and he went to school in Frostburg, MD which is approximately 5 hours away. Being wise, I remained optimistic and hopeful about our relationship, but realistic at the same time. We girls these days cannot afford to be fools.
Anyway, I loved him with beyond everything I had but I felt that he was too young minded and negative to have the smallest amount of patience and faith in our situation. Not to mention, you know what they say about couples and college. He was going to be a freshman boy on a college campus full of loose girls, alcohol and God knows what else. He was going to have everything but me. I must have been crazy to even still be okay with the circumstances, but I was.
I guess what I am saying is long distance college relationships are what you make them. If you are like me and you value trust to its fullest extent, then staying faithful is not a problem. But if you feel as though you have not lived or experienced every type of girl/guy there is, cut your losses and be wild.
This is college. When we graduate and have to face Uncle Sam, the world and our landlords, we are going to wish we could still drive back to campus for some good old Sodexo and Village IV fun. For those who are in my situation, make the best of it. Do not let negativity cause you to lose a good thing. Misery loves company and those who want what you have will always steer you wrong if you let them.
It all boils down to loving the way you want to love, but you have to know yourself. If you cannot see yourself being a faithful partner, then do not attempt a long distance relationship. However, if you know you can be completely monogamous, then you trust as much as you can. Focus on what is important to you, be strong and enjoy the time you do have together.