Alum Advice

There is a mixture of feelings that comes with being a senior. Usually bittersweet, as students have the excitement of knowing that you are about to be finished with your undergrad, but also the stress knowing that your life is soon about to begin.

Virginia Wesleyan has many alumni that have gone through the mixed emotions of what it feels to be a senior. Reid Hoffler, a 2014 Political Science graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College has too felt the same emotions and stresses that come with being a senior. Hoffler was a pitcher for Virginia Wesleyan’s Men Baseball team for his four years attending VWC. He is now a sales representative for Hoffman Beverage.

Q: What was your favorite thing about being a Virginia Wesleyan student?

A: My favorite thing about being at Virginia Wesleyan is the extremely close friendships I made with mostly my teammates who have become life long friends and brothers to me. I am one of my teammates best man at his wedding and I only have Virginia Wesleyan to thank for that.

Q:What are your thoughts on Virginia Wesleyan changing from college to university

A:My entire college life and after college life it has always been Virginia Wesleyan College so I have to say that I am way more fond of it being Virginia Wesleyan College, but I see the gain the campus has becoming a university. I love VWC.

Q:What is some advice you would give seniors that are about to enter the real world soon?

A: My advice to these seniors who are about to enter the real world and search for jobs and begin their actual life is that it is all about who you know. Do not be scared to try new things, because a lot of new experiences will be thrown to you. Make sure you keep everything in perspective and do not stress a lot and always be genuine.

Brianna Kidwell