Art professor Dr. Howell plans to retire

After teaching for 38 years at VWU, Art History Professor Joyce Howell plans to retire following this semester.

“[Dr. Howell] was always so willing to help us students and encouraged us to think beyond even the class topic, to engage deeply with the material and ourselves. Through this, she aided my growth not only educationally, but in life as well. I felt that I was a better person as I left her class and that I had the ability to change the world, as crazy as that may sound.”- Junior JaLea Moody

“Over the past two years, [Professor Howell] has supported me as my adviser, and I have really liked being a part of her courses and having her point me in the proper direction. Her students are in her best interests, and she is incredibly kind and sympathetic. No matter how much or how little you understood about art history, Professor Howell always attempted to make class interesting and made us laugh at times.” – Senior Jomaira Rosado

“As a teacher, I am committed to engaging students and making art historical education transformative. Being a professor is a great honor and a great challenge.” – Dr. Joyce Howell

By Carey Seay and Victoria Haneline