Bang For Your College Buck

“Home of the Virginia Slice.” That’s the first thing you see when you happen upon Benny Damato’s in Ghent. This is home to the huge slice that floods instagram that is the perfect hotspot for the college student on a budget.

Benny Damato’s offers regular slice of cheese pizza only costs about $4 with extra for some toppings, but the size is what makes this slice a popular eat and picture moment. you could even take on a large 28 inch pie for $30.

Benny Damato’s offers a great spot to hang out with friends, make memories, and eat one of the best slices in Norfolk.

“My friends and I had never gotten one of their large pizza before, so we picked up one and it was massive. I couldn’t barely fit it in my car. We destroyed the pizza, but it was a good time. I’ve literally never seen such a huge pizza,”  junior Bayli Foley said.

If the large peaks your interest, they also do a tempting challenge. You can get a whole pizza, and if you finish the full pie in one hour, then you can win $500, a Benny’s T-shirt, your picture on the website, and infamy.

The cheapness only is a small portion of the quality of the hot spot. the high quality slice is what keeps people coming back.

“I mean who wouldn’t want top-of-the-line brick fired pizza that is cheap and convenient,” Foley said .

Benny Damato’s is located at 131 Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia.

Julie Ainsley