Coach Elliot amasses 601 wins in 18 years

Coach Elliot looks out onto the field at a home game at Tom and Betty Broyles Field against Sweet Briar College on April 28.

Josh Pagett|Marlin Chronicle

After Softball swept Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) on April 10, it was announced that Head Coach Brandon Elliot had achieved an impressive career record of 601-148-1, putting him 21st on the All Time coaches list. 

When reflecting on this momentous milestone, Elliot admitted his goal as head coach was not to amass as many wins as possible, but simply to influence his players and better them. 

“When I took the program over, I just envisioned myself trying to rebuild something here, and you don’t really have a goal in mind and how many games in your wins,” Elliot said. “But you just want to win championships, and you want to help kind of shape young people and influence young people. And I think over the course of my career, we’ve been able to do that.” 

Remaining humble, Elliot recognized that he should not be the sole recipient of attention, as there are other stakeholders in his success. “It’s a weird place because people are celebrating you, but you also know in your heart that this isn’t about me,” Elliot said. “There’s no way that I could do this, or be here without tremendous athletes, and a tremendous staff and certainly my family.”

Elliot also took the time to commend other VWU coaches that he admires. “I mean, I still look at David Macedo, and I look at Jeff Bowers. I just look at them as the GOATs, like they’re the standard,” Elliott said. 

Although Elliot is proud of this accolade and appreciates the gratitude that comes with it, he does not allow it to distract from his goal: to win championships. “Certainly cool, but when you’re in the middle of the season, it’s like alright, move on,” Elliot said. 

Elliot’s unwavering grit and commitment to his team has been the determinant of his success thus far and will ensure his success for the rest of his career. 

Elliot and the Marlins will start NCAA tournament regional play beginning May 16-18.

By: Sydnee Washington