Costume Confusion

Rebuttal of “Pretty or promiscuous”

Halloween is not just a holiday for children. It is also for the enjoyment of adults and allows them to let loose and relax.

There are many holidays that often are dedicated to children. For instance, Christmas, though young and old celebrate it, is special for children. All adults go out of their way to ensure that the Santa legend prevails, and that the environment is especially magical for children. During Easter, adults arrange egg hunts for the young ones. Though holidays are for everyone, children often have a special place and adults often focus on their enjoyment. This is the same with Halloween.

Halloween is a holiday that is now almost entirely for children. Children will get dressed up and then go trick or treating. Most adults either are assisting children in their part of this holiday, are handing out candy to kids, or not participating, but there is one last option for adults.

After most children are safe and sound in their beds, adults have a chance to attend an event for them solely: costume parties. They can dress as inappropriately as they want, consume alcohol, and simply have fun while celebrating the holiday. It is a haven for adults who want to let loose for one night without kids being present, and yes, most women tend to dress provocatively on Halloween. Some believe this to be inappropriate and too sexualized, but I believe it should be seen as freeing. Halloween is the one holiday when it is easy, and sometimes encouraged, to dress seductively.

In a world where dress regulations are strict, I find this to be positive rather than something to be shamed about. Halloween is a day to feel free to be whoever you want to be, but can’t be during everyday life, and if a girl wants to dress up as a sexy cat when every other day she must be a productive member of society, then I am fine with that. It is forgotten that though a girl may be dressed as a sexy pirate today, normally, she is dressed appropriately as possibly a secretary every other day. Let’s not get caught up in the promiscuity of a single day out of 365. Sometimes it can simply be fun and exciting for someone who doesn’t dress seductively to do so. As a person who dresses modestly most of the time, I can see how letting go of one’s inhibitions and self-induced regulations could be relieving and thrilling.

As the final cherry on this Halloween sundae, promiscuity on one day out of the whole day may even be body-positive in some ways. It encourages people to be comfortable in their own bodies, to embrace their sexuality, and to show how vibrant they really are in a safe setting. So many people are hindered by how they are “supposed” to look, and because of this, I would encourage everyone to own who they are, no matter how they look. I suggest that we allow Halloween to be a time of freedom for children and adults, and men and women alike.

Jasmine Demir