COVID-19 and discovering new leisure activities

2020 will forever be known as the year of COVID-19. So many events and occasions that were integral to our lives have been put on hold in order to help mitigate the threat of COVID-19. This has meant no live sports, no weddings, no parties and no other social events. 

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of your summer hanging out with friends and family out at parks, baseball games, restaurants and other public places. That wasn’t possible this summer because so many places were closed or had restrictions. Despite these challenges, my friends and I figured out a way we could hang out while also staying physically distanced: we started fishing. 

Fishing was one of the few things that I could do safely while also hanging with my friends. Fishing is also super easy to learn, a great way to get outdoors and a hobby that you can do whether you are 5 years old or 75 years old. 

Another exciting aspect of fishing that makes it a great socially distanced activity is how large the world of fishing is. There is freshwater and saltwater fishing and both types of water provide so many different species of fish to catch that there is always something new and exciting for you to try while fishing. Since coming back to campus last month, I have already caught five new species of fish.

  If you’re looking to get started fishing, there are a few things you’re going to need. Firstly, buy a fishing license. Next, find a rod and reel to fish with. What kind of gear you get will be dependent on what kind of fishing you are looking to do.

If I had to make any recommendations I would suggest a medium power fishing rod between 6’6 and 7’0 long. This rod is a great all-around rod that is good for saltwater and freshwater. 

When it comes to selecting hooks, sinkers, and baits it will all depend on the fish you’re targeting and in what kind of water, so do some research and figure out what works best for what you are looking to do. Lastly, find a spot to fish, put some line in the water and start fishing. 

Hunter Nordberg