Create something beautiful

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Virginia Wesleyan has an art magazine, and it needs you!

Is your brain currently moving at two hundred miles per hour or faster, churning out ideas about short stories, poetry and photographs at a ridiculously fast pace and forcing you to feel the seemingly insatiable need for some type of outlet to get all of those wonderful ideas down?
If so, grab a pen or laptop and start furiously writing or typing, or maybe reach for that Nikon and start snapping away. The Virginia Wesleyan Outlet is back and preparing for another wonderful, art filled issue later this year, and they want you to submit your work.
Once a year every year, students from our very own community unleash their creative sides and create masterful works of short fiction, poetry, photography, visual art and other forms of various creative processes and allow the fruits of their labor to be seen by the entire campus.
The system is almost entirely student run and very confidential. If those of you writing about touchy subjects or taking questionable pictures want to use a pen name of sorts, the editors openly welcome it, but regardless of the content the Outlet wants your submission, even if you are new to the art form you chose or if you are a veteran of your field.
Your entry could be a poem about feeling fresh before a festive night of fun-filled parties, or a short story about the time you think you saw a unicorn running across the quad in front of the café.
Your photographs can be of a flower that has a small bee with bright yellow pollen sticking to its furry little bee-legs or it can be of a group of children running down Mount Trashmore laughing and screaming.
The paintings submitted can be of a bowl of fruit sitting silently on a satin cloth, or of your nude grandmother. Whatever the subject matter, however serious, the Outlet wants to see what the students of our wonderful college are capable of creating with their beautiful minds.
Everyone has a creative streak somewhere in their bodies and it only takes a little nudge to wake it up. The Outlet wants to be more of a tackle than a nudge in hopes that nearly every student will branch out and try to apply their skills to some new form of expression.
No matter what it may be, the outcome will be beautiful, and it deserves to be published in its splendor admist other works of art.
Get those pens moving, those shutters snapping and those paintbrushes swiping and send your submissions to, or contact The Outlet’s editor, Tori Macoul at Submissions will be reviewed after Christmas break.
Additionally, any questions about deadlines, submission types, art forms or content can be directed to Tori at the above email.
The Outlet values and loves the students at Virginia Wesleyan, so even if you do not submit anything, tell your friends and keep an eye out for this gem later in the year.