Culture to me

Culture is the culmination of behavior, traditions, ways of living, relationships, and experiences that are shared by individuals within a common area or region. As well, culture is passed down through generations and shared throughout friends and family. Culture can be absorbed by a foreign individual; however, they would not completely assimilate into said culture to their lack of upbringing. 


For myself, the most important aspects of culture are traditions and experiences found within. These aspects are the most important and components that are often the most cherished. These can be ways of interacting among individuals, sharing common experiences, dialects native to that area, as well as events and activities shared by groups. In addition, the way that people share food and drink is another form of expressing culture. I remember a fond memory of being in Berlin, Germany this past year and sharing food with many locals. Not only did I feel a connection with the area, but I felt closer by attempting to speak the language and respect the culture that I was experiencing. 


Grant Morgan is a junior studying history at Virginia Wesleyan University. This piece was priorly used for an assignment in the pre-departure course.

By Grant Morgan