Devin leaves VWC

Kaci Parker
Community Editor

Students, faculty, and staff were shocked to learn that our familiar Student Activities Coordinator had said farewell to the campus community. Having made the difficult decision to leave Wesleyan, Devin Cowhey has set out to tackle new opportunities.
“I am ready for a new adventure. I will be moving on to a preschool in the area. VWC has held a piece of my heart, but new adventures are always good for the soul,” said Cowhey. “It is exciting to see the new paths of life, for you never know what career lies ahead.”
Devin’s departure makes a great impact felt throughout campus. Walking into Student Activities and not being greeted cheerfully by Cowhey has left students feeling sentimental.
“I was not expecting Devin to leave so suddenly,” said junior Brooke Totzeck. “I am happy for her and wish her the best.”
Just as Devin dedicated her time to Wesleyan, it also gave her opportunities for which she will always be thankful.
“Virginia Wesleyan College has meant everything to me since I arrived as a student in 2006. This has been home away from home for years, but more importantly, I became a well-rounded individual here. Wesleyan is family. I cherish every moment I spend here for I always am learning and growing,” said Cowhey.
Cowhey said Wesleyan taught her many valuable life lessons, and she credits Wesleyan for giving her characteristics that make her unique.
“Wesleyan truly shaped me as a person. It was here I found passions, skills, and ideals. Wesleyan showed me that passions can be made a career. It was here that I found I can utilize my liberal art skills for a variety of life’s adventures,” said Cowhey.
As she applied the characteristics she learned, students began to find it was quite easy to connect with her, making her presence within the campus community a pleasure . Her impact was widely felt this past semester, by everyone from the Greek community to the Wesleyan Activities Council family.
“Devin did a wonderful job stepping in last year when the director of Greek Life was asked to leave. She was a supportive leader for Greek chapters at VWC and did well within her new position. The Greek community will miss her and her familiarity within the campus,” said Totzeck. “Devin brought a positive attitude and friendly smile to our community. She was always willing to listen to new ideas for campus activities.”
Her strengths as a campus leader were noted throughout the community by all.
“She was very good at bringing people together; she brought people from the outside in and started families,” Wesleyan Activities Council’s Co-Director Vanessa Smith said.
The relationships she established have made it difficult to say goodbye, yet have left her with many bittersweet memories.
“I will miss the students. Students bring such joy and laughter to every day. Moreover, I will miss seeing the leaders grow through their four years and develop into well-rounded adults,” said Cowhey.
Just as she will miss the students, those who were directly involved in activities she helped to coordinate will miss her in return.
“I’m not sure that I will miss one specific thing now that she is gone. I will miss her constant presence and the fact that I could always count on her” said junior Sandra Liedl.
Devin Cowhey will forever be a Marlin, just as Wesleyan will always hold a special place in her heart.
“Devin once said to me, ‘I’m a Marlin, through and through.’ Her love and passion for our school is something that cannot be replicated,” said Liedl.