Editors Choice: Sushi King


By: Elizabeth Sims

Walking into this heart of Norfolk restaurant, you are almost overwhelmed by an eatery that defies everything you think a sushi buffet should be like. The music is modern but tasteful, the décor is Asian but not tacky or goofy and the staff is multi-racial and conversed comfortably with all of the patrons. However, the best part is the huge selection of sushi, appetizers, sashimi and entrees you can get, as much as you want for $15.99. With no limits or restrictions, this chain of restaurants is not for the faint of heart or small of stomach.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Sushi King handles its buffet-style kitchen here’s a quick lesson: once you are seated you are given a menu and the host or hostess takes your drink order while you peruse the menu. Once the staff comes back with your beverage they ask you what you’d like and you order from anything on the menu. Do you want crab Rangoon and miso soup to get you ready for the main course (or courses in this case)? Order it. Do you want to jump right in and order five rolls at once (you better eat it all or they’ll charge you for wasting food) then go right ahead. There’s no judgment here.

If you want to head there, take a group of friends and enjoy a couple hours of quality time. We recommend the crab Rangoon, the Orchard Roll (a fried spicy tuna roll with a spicy mayo and wasabi sauce) or the chicken teriyaki if sushi makes you squirm. Afterwards we recommend a glass of water and a long nap to prevent the potential, yet satisfying food coma.