Escape Ship

Are you willing to pay to be a prisoner? If so, Escape Ship: Captain’s Challenge is the place for you.

Escape Ship is an interactive attraction set on the Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus in downtown Norfolk. This exhibit gives participants one hour to escape from the captain’s cabin. Using their clue deduction skills, participants solve riddles and decipher codes in order to escape and save the captain.

“This is one of the most interesting things to do in Norfolk. You are stepping on a history book,” Matthias Monschein said.

Upon coming aboard the Wisconsin, guests are greeted by a Navy Admiral who reads the instructions of the challenge and starts the clock. The challenge is set in 1945 and begins when participants learn the captain has gone missing.

The Escape Ship experience costs $20 per person and is recommended for groups of eight. Nauticus hosts the event on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations of time slots can be made on

With currently 28 Escape Rooms in the state of Virginia, this attraction is truly different from any other venue.  Escape Ship is the first “escape room” challenge to ever be played on a battleship, according to the museum.

Justin Smith

(Photo: Maria Garcia | Marlin Chronicle)