FAFFA created to support VWU Women’s Sports

In an effort to show support for women’s sports and overcome the perception that they are boring compared to men’s, junior Kerri Wasko created the group Female Athletes for Female Athletes (FAFFA).

Women sports are not often broadcasted in the media nor high in attendance. However, women’s sports are very similar to men’s sports.  For example, basketball, soccer and lacrosse are all the same across the board except for a few differing rule changes here and there. Despite this, it is still believed that men are the stronger and more athletic gender, and therefore, more exciting and fun to watch.

Not only this, but society typically shows more support for women partaking in sports such as gymnastics or tennis, neither of which are team sports.  Female Athletes for Female Athletes was established for this exact reason.The meaning and purpose of this group is embedded in the acronym and quite literally means, Female Athletes for Female Athletes.

FAFFA is an informal club started by Kerri Wasko here at Virginia Wesleyan designed to gain more support at women’s home games no matter the sport. For the women who worked hard to end up in a collegiate sport and are looking for a sign of recognition, Wasko wishes to provide that sign.

“FAFFA is a newer club on campus whose goal is to unite the female athletes on campus and support each other, sophomore field hockey player Hayden Thornbrugh said. “For a long time female athletes on campus have had poor turnout at our games, matches, meets, etc. in comparison to the men’s teams. Kerri Wasko thought that the first step in the right direction was to make this club, where female athletes support each other by attending each other’s sporting events.”

Founder Kerri Wasko gave her insight to starting the club. “I play on the basketball team and know how much I loved to be watched, better yet supported by my family and peers, so I decided to create and promote Female Athletes for Female Athletes. I feel as if women should always be the first to support each other in all fields such as business, sports, academics and politics,” Wasko said.

Female Athletes for Female Athletes works by encouraging female athletes on campus to commit to going to every female sporting event VWU has to offer year round, this includes volleyball, basketball, cross country, track, swimming, field hockey, golf, tennis, lacrosse, softball and soccer.

Females Athletes for Female Athletes is filled with women and supporters from not just different sports but different backgrounds as well. Members range from business majors to biology majors, but still all come together when game time comes around.

“Being a part of Female Athletes for Female Athletes has helped me  appreciate my fellow female athletes by supporting them at their games and matches,” senior volleyball player Kristina Scott said. “We go all-out at games by making posters and being a loud fan section. There has always been petty conflicts between teams that started before I even attended this school. I believe Female Athletes for Female Athletes  can help to abolish those divisions.”

Wasko created a community here on campus where women can support each other, trust each other, rely on each other, motivate each other, and celebrate their victories both on and off the field.

Ashllee Spurlock