Fancy Find in Norfolk

Macarons may seem like a rich person’s dessert, but everywhere you turn, there’s always some type of image of the sweet treat on someone’s Instagram or Facebook page. If you haven’t tried macarons before, or would like to make a little trip out to a quaint little area in the middle of Norfolk traffic, Hummingbird Macarons is the place to be.

Hummingbird Macarons, near the Cure coffee shop in Norfolk, is a sweet little dessert shop where you can enjoy the seating and decorations while enjoying the decadent little macarons with knives and porcelain plates.

Former Virginia Wesleyan student Kelly McGraw came across the shop’s website a few weeks prior to visiting and was very excited at the idea of trying macarons for the first time.

“I love Paris and everything about it. I looked forward to getting macarons that day and trying new things,” McGraw said.

When turning onto the cobblestone street, parking is hard to find, but it is all reconciled when you walk through the doors in the charming storefront.

“Once we got there, it looked like a hole in the wall… only to discover the book pages on the floor and paper flowers hung so delicately,” McGraw noted in her first impression of the dessert shop.

Hummingbird Macarons may look small from the outside, but it is large enough to hold a small group of friends that love the company of others and the taste of the decadent desserts. Macarons are held in cases, on opposing sides of the register, separating cookie from customers.

According to McGraw, “the time and love put into each macaron made [them] taste that much better, especially with people that I really cherish.”

Each and every macaron is decorated with purpose and includes flavors that can appease the taste buds of all ages alike. If you like cookies and cream ice cream, they have a macaron for that. Or even if you like Piña Colada, they have a coconut and pineapple dessert aptly named Piña Colada.

People tend to spend anything between $2 and $25, depending how hungry they are, and anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour talking and enjoying the macarons as well as enjoying each other’s company.

It is an wonderful break from the routine of everyday lives. So if a quick twenty minute drive for dessert sounds like an ideal trip for you, bring a friend or two to check out Hummingbird Macarons near Waterside Drive at 501 Botetourt Street.

Nel Hart