Hail to the new chiefs

Jessica Mackey
Staff Writer

Say hello to the dynamic duo for next year: Steven Bond and Thomas Mills, our newly elected Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice president, who will bring personality and strength to the student body.
Newly elected President Bond is known around campus for being very personable. Whenever you see him he will always say hello and give everyone a welcoming smile. He really enjoys being around others.
Vice President Mills is known for his reserved, yet influential presence.
Mills describes himself as “a pretty quiet person by nature.” But he will definitely make his presence known if he doesn’t agree with something.
“I like to observe and formulate my thoughts before I do something. However, I am very engaging and I always stand up for what I believe in,” said Mills. “If there’s something being said in a meeting that I don’t agree with, I make sure my voice is heard.”
Bond, a double major in Political Science and Mathematics, is extremely driven and determined.
“After VWC, I plan on attending law school,” replied Bond when asked about his aspirations for the future. “My main goal though is to get into politics. I would love to become an elected official and serve the people.”
Mills is a Communication major with a minor in Business.
A lover of photography and graphic design, Mills will never run out of great ideas for SGA and events next year due to his creative nature.
Now that they made it through elections, the two are already working hard on plans for the upcoming semester. They want to improve communication on campus between students and administration because they, as Mills said, “feel that sometimes there is a disconnect that can be improved.”
“We plan on improving communication between the students by utilizing social media, like [Twitter] and Facebook,” said Bond. “Also, we would like to execute a plan, so that we can have a big calendar put in an area that sees a lot of student activity (like the Grille) that shows all the events going on a certain day.”
“Something that I would like to improve on is the relevance of SGA on this campus,” said Mills. “I feel that SGA is only reaching a small portion of the population that goes here. Reaching out to everyone on campus is a top priority for me. I want everyone from student athletes, regular students, and even faculty to know who we are and what we do.”
“[I’m] dedicated and motivated to work for the students,” said Bond. “I know these are only words, but I want to put these words into action. I want my executive board and senators to keep me accountable for all I do.”
Both leaders are striving for excellence and great new school year.
“I am an exceptionally dedicated person. Once I start something, I have to see it through, for better or for worse,” said Mills. “I am also not afraid to own up to my mistakes. If something that I do goes wrong, I will stand up and say it was my fault, no questions asked.”
“Stand up for what you believe in and for what the students believe in,” said senior and former SGA President Jenee Johnson.
Whatever this dynamic duo decides to do and the projects they start, our school is in great hands.