Haunted Hunt Club Farm returns for Halloween

Looking for fun scares, incredible Halloween decor and fun festival rides? Then look no further because Hunt Club Farm has got you covered. Located at 2388 London Bridge Rd, with ticket prices ranging from $30 to $40, Hunt Club Farm has something for everyone. Even if you are not into the traditional scares there are still amusement rides, carnival food, pumpkin picking patches and awesome interactions with the actors.

Hunt Club Farm has several attractions such as the “Haunted Hayride,” the “Forbidden Fields,” “Death Alley” and the “Village of the Dead.” Despite COVID-19, Hunt Club Farm has still been able to put on a show. 

When COVID-19 was at its height they had plexiglass in front of the actor so that way they could be up close and personal while still staying safe. The actors are required to wear a mask but are now able to do more up close and personal scares. 

Emily Harter, one of the actresses and the assistant manager of Hunt Club Farm, has worked there for 21 years and her mother has been there for 28 years. “I started coming out here some nights when I was three. I would come out with my dad and chaperone in the corners and see how things worked,” Harter said. “Then, I would leave an hour or two after I got here and as I got older I started staying progressively longer.”

Harter also shared that she has had several roles on the farm. “I’ve done just about anything you can do in here. I’ve been a volunteer. I got my first paid actress role when I was fifteen years old,” Harter said. 

“Then, I became the assistant manager when I was twenty years old. I didn’t stay a paid actor for a long time and when I did I was always the victim so I have a soft spot for the dying scenes.” 

Maranda Roads, the Hunt Club Farm manager, has been working there since 1994 and described her involvement in the business and hiring process. “We have crazy experiences from time to time but nothing too out of the box. You have a drunk person here in there getting a little rowdy but there’s never been too big of an issue,” Roads said. “As for the hiring process, we are very inclusive, there’s a place here for everybody.”

Additionally, Roads mentioned that they do a job fair every August and have three rounds of auditions. 

“If you think you’re too shy to do this or not, plenty of people come here thinking they’re too shy to come right out of their shell,” Roads said.

She also stated that the local high schools have contributed significantly to the level of talent the teenagers who work there have. She described that many of the teenagers study art or want to go to art school. 

In relation to COVID-19, Roads stated they have been going steady. “Everybody loves Halloween, everybody’s coming out. We’re lucky to be at an outdoor event.”

As for her tasks, her favorite job is interior decorating because of her love and appreciation for Halloween-themed decorating. 

“I love figuring out what’s going to make them back up? What’s going to make their jaws drop? But I’ve pretty much got that mastered by this point,” Roads said. “I love the psychology of how I can move people through here. A lot more goes into this than people might think you got things through.”

Each Sunday, Haunted Hunt Club Farm offers a military appreciation discount for $7 off tickets. Military affiliated guests whether active duty, veteran or dependent must print the coupon and present their military ID at the farm to receive the offer. One valid military ID permits a discount for up to six people. 

The last day to visit the Haunted Hunt Club Farm is Oct. 31. The box office closes at 9:30 p.m. nightly, and the farm closes at 10:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights and 11:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday Nights. If it rains or there is inclimate weather, the Hunt Club Farm posts canceled shows by 5 p.m. on their main website  and Facebook page. For more information about tickets, COVID-19 safety guidelines and more, visit www.hauntedhuntclubfarm.com and www.facebook.com/hauntedhuntclubfarm.

By Kimberly DeHart