How to combat senioritis

Mars Johnson|Marlin Chronicle

Dr. Terry Lindvall: “Senioritis must be the most self-delusional scam played on University seniors, thinking that a plague of apathy has some legitimacy for their last year of college. When running a mile, an athlete does not suddenly stop at the last fourth lap and think, ‘I’m just not motivated.’ Run the last lap with all your might. Let your final year be filled with enthusiasm. You will develop habits of the heart and mind that will not fail you when you are tempted to be slack in future relationships and work.”

Brandon Foster: “Get creative. Schedule work alongside fun or necessary tasks, so you can be in an engaging mindset.”

Hailey Schumacher: “As the weather gets warm, I suggest you connect with the world around you and feel the sun on your skin! Whether it is playing a sport you love or taking a ‘hot girl walk,’ getting outside and stepping away from your stress can help relieve senioritis.”

Kayleigh Poggioli: 1. “Break tasks into manageable steps and prioritize.” 2. “Take breaks.” 3. “Remember where you started.”

Kira Blagg: “I would recommend anyone with senioritis to find the balance of getting your work done so that you can go have more fun because procrastinating will just make you more stressed in the long run, and we’re almost there!”

Paul Nelson: “The best tip that I can give out to avoid [senioritis] is to change your studying style. I usually do some kind of regiment that I spend X amount of time working and then take 1/2X time taking a break and watching a show or playing a game.”

By Carey Seay