Let’s get Lo’d

Valery Caraballo is a sophomore political science major with an interest in writing and music. This column will include a number of untouched media that pique the interest of many college students, because who isn’t worried about drama and music?

The halftime show was truly the performance we didn’t know we needed. As part of our childhood danced across the stage in this previous superbowl, I personally couldn’t help but sing along.  As Shakira and J.Lo left their hearts on the stage in this performance it was hard not to have your eyes glued to the TV.

 Although they were the highlight of the show, the real treat was how long it had been since we had seen these women and the clear pent up energy that they had released. If you didn’t know at least one song that was played, you haven’t been listening. Although on numerous occasions people have called this performance “too much”, it truly was a good way to begin the year. The show did an excellent job of making people want to get up and dance. 

Despite good reviews, there has been a lot of backlash on the performance over it being too `sexy”. AlLot of performances are what you take from them , this one in particular was meant to be good and upbeat and was perceived that way by a large portion of the audience. Overall the show was a breath of fresh air with songs like “Jenny From the Block,” “Hips Dont Lie,” and “Lets Get Loud.” How could you not enjoy it ? 

Valery Caraballo