Love talk, slow jams for the ladies

Rayven Davis
Staff Writer

On Friday March 3, a group of Phenomenal Women gathered in the Schaefer Room for a coffeehouse called “Love, Talk and
Slow Jams.”
This event was an open mic night paired with an ongoing discussion on love and relationships. It was the second event of the series, entitled, Phenomenal Women.
Phenomenal Woman is a group on campus
hosted by sophomores Dejha Crudup, Briana Davis, Sarah Nwokorie and senior Chiereme Fortune. The purpose of these discussions is to talk about topics that would interest all young women and also to empower them with tips and suggestions to be the best women they can be.
“We wanted to try and have a coffee house style setting tonight with an open mic night and discussions about healthy relationships and how we carry ourselves as ladies in certain situations,” said Crudup.
Crudup also said how they want to reach out to all women all over campus and to make sure no one is excluded. She said they all have different reasons for why these events are so close to their hearts.
Sophomore Sarah Nwokorie wants to empower women and to show them how to be the woman that they have the capability to be outside of campus life.
Senior Chiereme Fortune wanted to form a ministry for women that was supported by religious values.
“I learned of different perspectives of love and the love of God, and how to love God,” said junior, Jasmine Patterson.
Topics discussed included the definition of love, love languages and personal experiences of the group.
The open microphone encouraged the women to feel comfortable and present their talents of personal experiences involving love.
“I’ve always received compliments about my singing and [I am motivated] to use my talent before I lose it. I enjoy singing and I like to share that talent,” said freshman La’Cresha Lambert. “I’m just glad that people enjoyed my singing.”
Much was learned by all of the Phenomenal Women that came together this past Friday. Support was is the room, every time that someone took the microphone they expressed their true feelings through their performance.
“I came out to the event because I want to support anything that makes women take pride in who they are and what they stand for,” said Lambert. “Many people believe in the stereotypical images of women and do not accept them for anything other than that. But I love who I am, a phenomenal woman.”
Patterson sang Adele’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.”
“The song really describes how I love when I love and it went with the theme for tonight,” said Patterson.
The first Phenomenal Woman event was held last November. The discussion topic was self-worth and building each other up as women. It is the hope of the Phenomenal Women leaders that they will continue to have events in the series.