“X-Perience” Rec-X

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Community Editor

The Rec-X office sees quite a bit of action throughout each semester, and with all of that action inevitably comes damage. The equipment at RecX is offered and available to every student.
The beauty of the equipment service is that it is free for VWC students. Students have the option of renting anything from rollerblades to tents for a weekend camping trip.
Every day, the Batten Center fills with students walking through, playing around, eating and hanging out with their friends.
Students are constantly checking equipment in and out to enjoy their free time throughout the week.
To help prevent damage to the equipment, Rec-X keeps a log sheet to ensure the accountability of those who check out the equipment.
“When the majority of equipment breaks, it’s because of use and that’s what we like to see,” said Jason Seward, director of the Jane P. Batten Student Center, regarding general equipment damages.
However, sometimes the students irresponsibly misuse equipment which then causes damage. VWC aims to hold students accountable for equipment that is broken due to clear misuse.
An example of this kind of mishandling occurred recently concerning two students and the Ping-Pong table.
During this past month the Ping-Pong table was severely damaged by anonymous students. Rec-X employee Courtney Jones was working when the table fell onto the foot of a young child who was visiting campus with his parents.
“I got him ice and asked if everyone was all right and the family was very calm and cooperative. I told Katie Rogers who was supervisor at the time and went back to work,” said Jones.
The Ping-Pong table broke down the middle after students attempted to move it to another location.
The Ping-Pong table being out of commission left an unwelcomed hole in some activities.
Seward reassures the student body that equipment is replaced as quickly as possible.
“It depends on the severity [of the damage] and we have a surplus of items in the back,” said Seward.
The Ping-Pong table appeared a week later in its old home, fully repaired.
However, the table is not the only piece of Rec-X sponsored equipment to be broken or damaged.
Since last year Rec-X has equipment including surfboards, tents and rollerblades. Additionally, bicycles have been damaged.
“It’s really embarrassing to be promoted as a great and resourceful office and to not be able to provide the supplies students come looking for,” said Jones.
“We do our best to provide students with everything they need but, we need the students’ help in taking pride in the school’s equipment,” said Recreational and Outdoor Activities Supervisor, Kelly Keys.
Rec-X has the capabilities of providing VWC with recreational equipment, but students must take care of the equipment and be considerate of others.