Marlin Prestige succeeds again

Virginia Wesleyan University hosted their annual Marlin’s Business Conference during the week of Nov. 13 through Nov. 17. The business conference held during each semester at Virginia Wesleyan where students who belong to business management and economic degree program run model versions of what future business conferences for them may look like.

“The Marlin Prestige,” another name the business conference is known under, has a theme each semester that the focus of the conference revolves around. The theme for the 2017 fall Marlin Prestige was, “Lighting the Future: Success through Ethical Business Practices.” The workshops, presentations, student projects, and panels of interaction revolved around this main theme for the students, faculty, and guest speakers.

Business Management (MBE) and Information System Courses (ISP) students are extremely involved in the conference, as many of their class projects and senior projects revolve around specific panels, workshops, or presentations. However, all students are encouraged to attend to listen to peers’ presentations, and guest speakers’ panels especially are inspiring to business management students.

Some of the events that were held during the Marlin Prestige were: the key note Speaker kick off with Sydney Covey, who is a program analyst for Hourigan Construction, the GEICO Career Development presentation, the Ethics of Diversity Panel, the Elizabeth River project presentation, the Sigma Beta Delta Induction Ceremony, and the student body favorite the Shark Tank presentations which are done by MBE 101 students.

“It’s cool to see these diverse groups who love business together talking about their passion and seeing it through their perspective,” Hannah Turner said.

Brianna Kidwell