Marlins splash into spring semester activities

Douglas Hardman
Staff Writer

As we make our way into the spring semester, Marlins return to their natural habitat: the water. On April 12, the Student Activities Council and Greek Life held the Annual Belly Flop Contest. The prize for first place (dependent on four categories: Creativity, Redness, Commitment and Sound) was a $25 WaWa gift card. Second and third place both received a $20 gift card for Wawa.
Although only five out of the seven people who signed up came out, they were still full of enthusiasm and a crowd of people was there to cheer them on.
“This was a really fun event to put together and it was nice to see people coming out as a community and cheering the contestants on,” said freshman and Director of VWC and Beyond Ryan Breen.
This annual event brought many students, not only members of Greek Life, out to support the contestants as they belly flopped, flipped and splashed to win the prize, bragging rights and have some fun. There was cheering, clapping and the occasional shudder as our contestants hit the water.
“I’ve been to the past competitions and I chose to participate this year because it’s just very fun to be a part of and it can be relaxing,” said senior and President of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority Tierra “TJ” Jackson.
Jackson took home the first place prize with her creative and enthusiastic splashes and earned her the Belly Flop trophy.

“I had a lot of fun at the contest and was excited to win second place, even if it hurt a lot,” said senior Randy Rice, a member of Sigma Nu.

“It was a wonderful experience and everyone that came out to participate or support was lively, though I wish that there had been more participants because it really is just a fun experience,” said third place winner sophomore Jules Whitehurst, who is also in Sigma Nu.
“This competition has been going on for several years,” said Director of Student Activities and Greek Life Jennifer Mitchell. “It really is just something fun for the students to participate in and it also brings the community together.”
With a great turnout of supporters and enthusiastic participants, this year’s Belly Flop contest was definite fun and will surely continue in following years.
In other water related news, the Office of Recreation and Outdoor Sports is teaming up with Dive Quarters in Virginia Beach to get a select few certified for scuba diving.
On April 28, May 4 and May 5, students who register will be able to attend a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Basic Open Water Certification class taught by professionally trained Dive Quarters experts. Class begins at 8 a.m. and, once certified, the students will participate in open water dives. Registration is still open and costs $400, which includes the certification class, four open water dives and personal gear as needed. A $100 deposit is required upon registration. Please contact Jason Seward for more information.