Twins take over campus

Lex Higbee
Staff Writer

While Pauly D from the Jersey Shore may have coined the word twinning, VWC actually is. Virginia Wesleyan is home to at least five twins, some of whom have come to school together and others who decided to part ways.
“We both thought that 18 years was a long time together. We wanted to go out and find our own friends and identities.” said junior Nathan Johnson, who decided to go to a different school than his twin brother Nathaniel. “We probably wouldn’t run in the same social circles. I’m the more preppy type, and he’s more of a thug,” says Nathan, who is a member of Phi Kappa Tau and the cheerleading squad.
For Nathan and Nathaniel, going to colleges three hours away from each other is a positive. They get to see one another, but the space they get has let them grow more as individuals.
“We’ll probably keep the distance, but only like three hours max,” Nathan said about his post-graduation plans. “I’d like to stay here and he’ll probably stay in Richmond.”
The Ladyman twins, Brooke and Taylor, decided to both choose Virginia Wesleyan for a couple of different reasons.
“Because we do everything together, and I would miss [Taylor] way too much,” Brooke said.
Going to the same college is not the only activity the Ladyman twins do together. They are both members of Sigma Sigma Sigma, are in the same classes and have the same job as lifeguards in the Batten Center.
“It just makes things easier. We only have to buy one set of books, we always have a partner and we always have someone there” said Taylor.
Another set of twins that made Virginia Wesleyan their home, are the Asburys. Both Lindsey and Nicki decided to come to VWC after being recruited for soccer, and even though Nicki decided not to come back.
“When we were in school together, we were inseparable the first three years,” Lindsey said. “We played soccer together, ate together, went out together. We did not go out without the other because we felt safer.”
This inseparability was not a new thing either, growing up they were extremely close and didn’t go anywhere without each other.
“I absolutely miss Nicki now that she is gone,” Lindsey commented about not living together anymore. “I live with Tom Caskey and a few other roommates now, which means I don’t see her every day. I talk to her every day, but it is definitely not the same as hanging out with her.”
After graduation though, these four twins don’t plan on straying far from their other halves. For some, a bit of space is needed, but for others, they will stick together forever.