“New” ID Policy Hits Campus

By Jamie Crawley

With the start of the new semester, the security office has developed new identification cards. Soon, all students will be required to have them.
Specifically, what has changed is that Social Security numbers have been removed from the ID system and replaced by a Datatel number, which also acts as a student’s ID number. Many students might feel at first as if this change is unimportant and minimal. However, they may come to appreciate it in the long run.
“This system helps ensure the safety of students and protects them from the problem of identity theft,” said C.J. Scholler, a member of campus security personnel.
This means that students will no longer input their Social Security numbers in situations where they don’t have their IDs, but instead will use their Datatel numbers.  This will allow students to enter the cafeteria or make Grille purchases even if they are without their IDs.
When the announcement of new IDs was first made, many students were wondering what was being changed. They can rest assured that the only thing that has changed is the Social Security aspect of the system.
“With the new ID cards, students pretty much follow the same procedures. There isn’t anything new we are adding to the system. For the most part, everything will follow the same procedure in regards to students using their IDs for going to the café and grille,” said Jerry Mance, head of the security department.
However, students will find it extremely important to remember their Datatel numbers, since those numbers can help them when they have lost their ID cards. Although many students have asked whether there was a two-hour wait time for getting a new ID, that isn’t the case.  A new ID would be issued on request during a visit to the security office. The two-hour wait time is connected with keycards for rooms. The prices for replacing keycards or IDs have remained the same, as well as the price for retaking an ID picture.
“The main thing we wanted to do with these new ID cards is maintain the safety of our students. We feel this system is a positive step in ensuring that our students wouldn’t have to worry about their Social Security number being stolen.  At the end of the day, a safe campus is what all of us want,” said Mance.
Many realize that the new IDs will help toward that goal.
“I was really interested in what these new IDs do, but there wasn’t much of a big change.  I can say this, I appreciate them taking away Social Security numbers, as you never know what could happen if anybody were to get ahold of someone’s Social Security number,” said senior Cameron Young.
The impact of new ID cards has been positively received across campus.
“Anytime the school tries to protect its students, no matter how big or small, that shows that they actually care, which is always a positive in my book,” said senior Molly Keenhold.
These new ID cards may not be the monumental change most were anticipating, but they are a pivotal step in securing the safety of students. Students should be on the lookout for when they can pick theirs up and become proactive in making sure they are as safe as they can be. A new semester means new beginnings, and with that, make sure you pick up your new ID card!