Out of Control: Gaming Tournaments bring gamers together on campus

COVID-19 has introduced many challenges to the Virginia Wesleyan campus this semester, including the challenge of creating engaging yet safe events for the students to participate in. Some of those latest events were gaming tournaments, hosted by Off the Hook, on Oct. 22, 23, and 24.

The gaming tournaments event, called Out of Control, featured three nights where students could join the tournament and play against each other. The games featured were “NBA 2K20”, “FIFA 20” and “Madden 20”.

To participate in the event, students could register online before the event, or just show up to the CMAC at 7 p.m. on the day the event was hosted. 

According to Audwin Harris, Programming Coordinator for Student Activities, “A lot of students are in their rooms…they come together to play a game in their room. With everything going on with COVID-19, and not having people in their rooms, why not have an event where I can have a tournament in the CMAC…students can come watch, and socialize but at a distance. That way students can get out of their room.” 

Each night of the gaming tournament saw close to 10 or more people, depending on the certain game. According to Harris, the “Madden 20” event had the biggest turnout. 

As soon as students signed up, they were allowed to play until they lost in the tournament. Students could remain in the CMAC to socialize at a distance with other players, however they could leave after losing. After the tournament, students were encouraged to hang around for a free play session. 

Winners of each tournament received the latest version of the game that was played for a console of the winner’s choice. 

Future gaming tournaments are in the works with Off the Hook. According to Harris, more tournaments, like this past event, will feature other popular games in the upcoming semester.

Like-minded events already being hosted include “Among Us” game nights, that were hosted on Oct. 27 and Nov. 2 at 8 p.m. in the Blocker Auditorium, and the Trivia nights that are hosted online on various dates. 

To hear more about Off the Hook events, students should check their Student Activities: This Week emails, follow Off the Hook on instagram @marlinsoffthehook, or check out posters around campus. 

Off the Hook has worked to create events that keep students involved in campus life while still remaining COVID-19 considerate. 

“We are trying to spread the love with people coming together.” said Harris.

By Lauren Faulkner