Quarantine Hobbies

As we approach Thanksgiving break and our two months at home before spring semester, we can take a few tips from these creative and capable students who made the best of their situations at home over quarantine. 

Junior Gregory Osipov dedicated himself to a life of physical training and endurance over the summer. He became very involved in fitness and even started developing his own workouts.

“For anyone who is looking to get more involved in fitness and working out, Osipov said,“you have to be committed to when you start; you can’t stop.” Results don’t show up at first, but once they do, you will be glad that you put the time and effort into receiving them. 

Sophomore Elaine Robbins became a master crafter over quarantine. Her passion for creating jewelry all stems from her grandmother. Robbins has crafted a variety of earrings, chokers, bracelets, and other eclectic items. Her popularity has gained so much that she has even been able to sell a few of her items. 

Sophomore Criofan Shaw decided to also pursue an artistic approach over the long months of quarantine. He spent hours upon hours assembling and painting miniatures for the purpose of utilizing them in a fantasy universe game. Shaw said, “the benefit of painting them yourself is that you can create your own scheme of what you want your people to look like.” 

Junior Anitra Howard occupied her time by reading her way through a plethora of fictional adventures. Reading books is one of her passions, and in the midst of the tumultuous times that COVID-19 brought, it was a way for her to obtain some relief from all the crazy. 

She said, “Everybody should read! It’s so fun, and it’s so relaxing.” She read all kinds of books ranging from realistic to fantasy.

Sophomore Alexander Bertrand spent his quarantine time building up his home improvement repertoire. One such project was the complete replacement of the fence around their entire house. Bertrand said, “My dad asked about making it a quarantine project and thinking I had nothing better to do with my time, I did it with him.”

By Phoebe Cox