Registering guests online

Staff Writer

Beep, beep, beep is the noise some students report hearing when calling the security gate to register guests. Students consistently report waiting in long lines to get on campus because of improperly registered guests. Student Government Association (SGA) is working to change the process of registering a guest on campus to avoid these delays.
The process currently requires students to call the security office, provide their name and dorm room number, and spell the name of the person they are calling in.
“Students will be allowed to use Web Advisor to put in the visitor’s information, such as their name and the student’s dorm number. This will then be seen at the gate by the officers shortly after completion,” said Director of Security Jerry Mance.
The idea to transform the registration format from phone calls to computer came from SGA junior senator Mindy Bertram. Bertram’s job is to ask students what improvements need to be made on the VWC campus. Enough students mentioned the inefficiency of the guest check-in process so that SGA conveyed the concern to Mance. Mance met with Computer Services last month to help develop an appropriate program. Together they decided to put the registration on WebAdvisor.
Other than knowing that the registration will be located on WebAdvisor, there is currently not a lot of information regarding the change in policy because it is still in the works. However, there are two things that are certain; first, the program should be ready after spring break, and second, there is a training program in place for all the officers.
“February 21st is when the training program begins and this will help make sure that all staff members are comfortable with the new program,” said SGA president Steven Bond.
The idea that change is coming seems to be exciting most of the student body, but there still are a few who are a bit skeptical about the program.
“I feel like the change is good except for the people who don’t have a smartphone, said freshman Valerie Wilburn. “It will be more difficult making a last-minute decision since you’ll need a computer or smartphone to register guests, so I wonder if they will still expect phone calls.”
“I use the phone system about twice a week and it works great for me,” said freshman Sarah Antozzi. “There’s an old saying: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ And why weren’t all students told about this change when they started working on it, instead of just now?”
According to Mance, the focus of the new program is trying to get away from the phone calls, so unless it is an emergency check-in, students should not call the security gate to confirm a guest’s registration.
“We are trying to get away from the calling. Web Advisor will specifically be made to be updated on real time to avoid any waiting at the gate,” said Mance.
Overall, the change will make it easier and more convenient for students, but at the same time, there still may be a wait at the gate because someone did not know a person’s license plate or incorrectly typed the guest’s name. Regardless of all the small mishaps that may happen, the point of the change is to streamline the process, making it more efficient for both security officers and students. Most importantly, of course, it will still maintain the safety of the student body.