Relationship Goals?

Every day, there’s a new couple breaking up. Some of them I couldn’t care less about, but there are some that make me feel like I’m being personally attacked. But then, there are those couples that make me believe in love again, and if anything were to happen to them I would feel like there’s absolutely no hope for someone as plebeian as myself.

Take Chrissy Teigen and John Legend for example. They married in September 2013 and have been eloquently gracing the world with their combined presence ever since. I can’t go a day without checking out Teigen’s social media, whether it be Twitter or Instagram. She is hilarious, beautiful, hard-working and doesn’t put up with anyone’s bull. It’s INSPIRING. Legend’s voice is like when it’s raining but your paper is miraculously bone-dry: an amazing, beautiful thing in a messed-up world. Put them both together and you get the most perfect balanced breakfast. They constantly show the world their vulnerable side while also showing nothing but love and support for one another. I love the fact they’re goofy, like when Teigen was drunk after an awards show and Legend took off her shoes as she laid on the kitchen floor. GOALS! Or like when the couple was having a pool day and Legend took a video of his wife balancing a plate of chicken wings on her hip as she relaxed in a pool float. A. PLATE. OF. CHICKEN. WINGS. I saw that and my heart melted like ice on the hottest day in San Antonio. Not only are they a perfect couple, they also have adorable children. Their daughter, Luna Simone, was born via in vitro in April 2016. She looks just like her mother with her father’s dark and soulful eyes. They are expecting a baby boy later this year.

A couple I NEVER expected to be couple goals is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I know, I know, but hear me out: Gomez and Bieber are the textbook definition of “If it’s meant to be, they’ll come back.” The couple was all over tabloids and social media in late 2010 when they began their relationship. There were cute ice cream and bike riding dates and the smile never left Gomez’s face. Then, they broke up in 2013. Beliebers were happy because it meant that their Canadian heartthrob was back on the market, but it appeared as though the sun had left Gomez’s life. There were emotional songs and even albums from one another that seemed to be dedicated to the other. They both dated other people, went through health scares, until one scare proved to be too much for them to remain apart. Gomez underwent surgery last year for a kidney transplant related to her lupus condition. Soon after, there were reports of Bieber checking on her and going to be with her. Then there were pictures of them together and not too long after there were pictures of them on dates and exhibiting PDA as well as talks of them going to couples counseling. These two went through so much and still found their way to each other. It takes a lot to endure the pain they must have went through and then return to each other.

The new couple on the block Halsey and G-Eazy make me so happy. They have such intense chemistry and a unique view on life. Every time I see this couple they look so happy and completely at ease with each other, and that’s what I want. Musically, they sound made for each other, like G-Eazy’s single “Him and I” that Halsey features on. They’re like the musical Bonnie and Clyde, but without all of the illegal activity and death. I hope they stay together forever, because they’re so powerful with the stories they tell and the image of strength and inclusivity that they project.

These couples allow us into their private lives, and that is such a beautiful thing. They give us yet another thing to aspire to. We set our own standards, sure, but everyone deserves a John Legend or a Selena Gomez or a Halsey. We all deserve to feel like a Chrissy Teigen or Justin Bieber or G-Eazy. It’s not unattainable.

Wynter Bond