Roll Up to Your Local Game Cafe

College game nights need an upgrade. Rather than sitting on the floor playing that eleventh round of Cards Against Humanity, snacking on stale chips, why not take a short trip to the locally owned Roll With It Board Game Cafe and Bar within twenty minutes of campus, just off Lynnhaven Parkway. Owning even a few of your favorite bulky board games is neither affordable for a Virginia Wesleyan student nor compatible with tiny dorm room storage, but at the cafe, a customer has affordable access to a game library of over six hundred selections. 


With a small five dollar fee (per person, per visit), you obtain unlimited access to their display of games and assistance with game instructions and set up. Their range is fantastic, featuring games under every genre: spicy adult, horror mystery, strategy-based, artistically designed, cheesy romance, story-building, team against team or even games geared towards children. Regardless of if you want to play a popularized party game, a nostalgic round of Monopoly or an elaborate ninety-piece strategy game, their supply has you covered. If you just so happen to particularly favor a certain board game, there are often copies that are on sale, upon inquiry.

The sleek and modern establishment maintains a varying schedule—open weekdays, 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. and weekends from 11 a.m until 11 p.m. Whichever time you choose to visit—by walk-in or by reservation, you’ll be greeted by their team of ultra friendly staff and the store’s calming atmosphere. In addition to game play, the cafe doubles as a restaurant, serving a plethora of inexpensive appetizers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, craft beer and wine. If a customer only wishes to dine, they’re not required to pay the game fee. 


The owner, Quan Truong, is a board game connoisseur, Virginia Beach resident and young entrepreneur of a small business. He envisioned a space “where people could come together to enjoy each other’s company over board games.” Inspired by his own passion for board games, Truong knew there must be other fanatics in the Hampton Roads area and created Roll With It in the absence of any business like his. Thus far, the cafe has experienced unbridled success, with 4.9 stars on Google reviews and a historically successful range of planned events since its opening in Sept. of this year.

Weekly, every Monday at 5 p.m., they offer a Board Game Mix & Mingle for patrons to meet both new people and new games. On Tuesdays at 7 p.m., the cafe hosts a trivia night, with new topics every time. This New Year’s Eve, the cafe is excited to celebrate 2022 with a party. For those who purchase tickets through the website, there will be unlimited appetizers, desserts, and alcohol for those eligible.


Many students are unaware of the hidden gem that lies just seven miles down the road from Virginia Wesleyan. Junior Amruta Karkare had never heard of the cafe, but was ecstatic to hear word about its existence.


“Board games are such a fun part of our childhood that we tend to leave behind when we become adults,” Karkare said. “I am really excited to check Roll With It out and see for myself what they have to offer. I think I might bring some friends there during finals week for a study break.”


If you’re the type that plans game nights, has a competitive spirit or just wants to try a new trend, Roll With It Board Game Cafe and Bar has all the potential to become your go-to spot off-campus. With the ever-changing and technology driven society that we live in today, take a break from the screens and enjoy the face-to-face fun that Roll With It offers its customers. If you’re looking for timeless and nostalgic fun, hop in the car and roll down the street to your local board game cafe.

Sasha Saxon