Finding the podcast for you

Podcasts are a form of media that have been around since the 1980’s. Originally reserved for those select few who had access to the internet alongside with a technological device of some sorts, they were not initially popular. However, as the masses have gained common access to these former luxuries, podcasts have soared in popularity, especially during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. 

Podcasts are a beautiful medium through which people from all over the world can share their thoughts and experiences. There are countless others besides the ones listed in this article that contain this symbolic essence of humanness that so many of us are striving for. Whether you’re looking for some relaxing background noise, something to get your brain cogs turning, or simply just something to make you laugh, podcasts have got your back. 

Numerous celebrities have found podcasts to be a useful medium to broadcast their thoughts and entertainments right into the ears of quarantined and lonely individuals. As the weather gets warmer and as spring activities start to pick up, you might find yourself looking for such a podcast to entertain yourself while finishing up homework, chilling at the beach, or exercising. Below, you’ll find a collection of such podcasts that would be perfect for the occasion. 

Literally! With Rob Lowe is essentially a conversation about the most random and the most deep things in our society and culture. Hosted by actor Rob Lowe, it was started in July of 2020 with the intent to provide viewers with something to laugh at, something to think about, and something to be authentic with. Each episode features a special guest star that Lowe converses with about life, stories, and perspectives. Chris Pratt, Magic Johnson, Eric Andre, and Lisa Kudrow have all been featured. 

UNHhhh, hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 queens Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, is a delightful and comedic piece. Although it just came out on January 20th of this year, it has scored phenomenal ratings for its lightheartedness, honesty, and overall appeal. The queens discuss a variety of topics together such as movies, toxic masculinity, and even texting etiquette. Sometimes they even take questions off of their Twitter accounts to answer. 

Girls Gotta Eat is a portal into the dichotomous world of romance and heartbreak and how one is supposed to navigate all that. It is co-hosted by Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg who started the podcast in 2018. It has risen in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic and as people continuously find themselves relating to the chaos of life that is described. Hesseltine and Greenberg are both very vulnerable about how their experiences in the realm of love have gone, and their candid attitudes and casual style in which they discuss topics is appealing to many.

The Bomb Hole is co-hosted by professional snowboarder Chris Grenier and photographer E. Stone. It is similar to previously mentioned podcasts in that there is a special guest star featured on each episode. The hosts and guests blend comedy with inspiration as they discuss their personal experiences as snowboarders, athletes, and as players in the game of life. Advice is given on how to avoid the “bomb holes” that people often find themselves getting tripped up on, and you may even pick up a few tips on how to snowboard better too. 

Teenager Therapy is a series started by five high school seniors in 2018: Gael Aitor, Isaac Hurtado, Kayla Suarez, Thomas Pham, and Mark Hugo. The inspiration for this podcast came from the desire to create a space where real and pertinent topics surrounding mental health could be discussed by genuine people who experience them on a daily basis. It has risen in popularity as more and more young people find themselves struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been very successful in helping people realize that they’re not alone.

By Phoebe Cox