School revamps mail system

On Mar. 9, individual mailboxes and service for all students will be discontinued. A more convenient and streamlined process for package delivery to benefit all students at VWU will replace the previous system. This process accounts for 75% of all mail delivery. This change will affect first-class and bulk mail only. 

An email confirmation will be sent to students who are receiving packages once it arrives. These packages can be picked up at the Mail Center in Batten. These packages can be picked up with a student I.D. and proof of the email confirmation. Students are not required to have a mailbox in order to receive packages. 

Although students do not need a mailbox, mailboxes can be reserved for first-class mail as well as bulk mail delivery. Thursday, Mar. 5, was the last day to reserve a mailbox by completing a mailbox request form. For the time being, students will receive an email notification if they have reserved a mailbox and receive first-class mail. These packages can be picked up in the Mail Center. All items that are currently in the mailboxes must be removed by Monday, Mar. 9. 

This new procedure will not affect students who do not have a reserved mailbox because they can still receive mail and packages at the Mail Center. This new process will allow for a more organized system that eliminates clutter within the mailboxes. Many students, like senior Corin Jackson, do not check their mailboxes frequently, “I only check my mail if I know I am receiving a package. Every time I check it, I have a bunch of random mail that is unnecessary,” Jackson said. “I do not technically need a mailbox, so this change does not affect me.” The new system will allow for a less time-consuming package pick-up. Instead of taking a package slip from the mailbox, signing it, and then picking it up, now students only have to go to the Mail Center and show the student I.D. and email confirmation for a quick and easy pick-up.

Karleigh Warren