Seniors shape Women’s Lacrosse team

Women’s Lacrosse embraces during their Senior Day game on April 6.

Josh Pagett|Marlin Chronicle

As the Spring season pushes athletics teams towards the end of their seasons, the Women’s Lacrosse team reflected on the impact of their graduating seniors.

“[The seniors] have taught me so much, not just about lacrosse, but what it means to be a leader in the world,” sophomore and defensive player Joy Ramsey said.

On Saturday, April 6, the Women’s Lacrosse team played Averett University for their Senior Day. They won the home game 13-8.

The game against Averett was particularly exciting for senior goalkeeper BA Hoover. 

“I’m a little excited just because I never had a senior day when I was in high school, because the pandemic hit,” Hoover said. “This is actually a huge thing for me.”

During the game, Hoover made seven saves.

Ramsey spoke on how influential the seniors have been in shaping the team. 

“The seniors have shaped this team and helped each of us individually grow,” Ramsey said. “I have only gotten two years with them, but they have made such a positive impact on my life and the rest of the teams.”

Hoover reiterated that the team is supportive of one another. “It’s nice having a small team at times because it’s basically like a family,” she said.

As a senior, Hoover has enjoyed watching the other girls on the team grow into their positions. 

“We have some brand new girls, and I mean, never even picked up a stick,” she said. “My favorite was like seeing them going out into the game and applying everything.”

The same support can be seen throughout the team, especially during games. 

“I’ll normally look over and I’ll see our entire sideline like doing little celebrations,” Hoover said.

For Hoover specifically, she has appreciated the connection and support from the team’s other goalkeeper, first-year Melissa Dolt. “The other goalie, Missy. I hear her all the time,” Hoover said. “I’m like, ‘I hear you!’”

The team’s cohesion is also helped by Head Coach Madison Heck. “Our new coach and our captains have pushed us to be the best we can be,” Ramsey said.

Hoover agreed that Heck encouraged the positive culture. “Our coaches really tried to push team culture,” she said. “She’s trying to help make it more organic.”

Heck has seen a lot of success this season, Hoover said. 

“She’s made a really great like start and I’m hoping like it continues to build,” she said.

Hoover accredited some of Heck’s success to her young age. “I think it does help because she knows a little bit closer to what it’s been like as a college athlete right now because the NCAA has been changing so much,” Hoover said.

Some of the changes that Hoover mentioned include changes in the rules of lacrosse and NCAA regulations. 

“Even within the past four years, the name image likeness, stuff’s going crazy,” Hoover said. “A lot of the rules changed and lacrosse has changed just by itself.”

Heck has also encouraged accountability dates for her players. 

“We go on accountability dates, and you go and get like coffee off campus or like you go to the beach,” Hoover said. “I know some of our girls went grocery shopping together.”

Ramsey said this has created a support system for the team. “We listen to each other and want to help each other,” she said. “Even if it is just hanging out or going for a walk, we all want to be present for each other and be a support system for one another.”

The team’s season isn’t over, but even after the season ends, the seniors will have a lasting impact on the team. 

“[The seniors] have helped us to flip the script, and that is the legacy they will leave. They helped us reach a turning point in our program, and the whole team will miss them dearly next year!” Ramsey said.

The Women’s Lacrosse team will play their final game against the University of Lynchburg on April 24 at Birdsong Field.

By: Rhian Tramontana