Snow sticks around

Community Editor

Mother Nature finally answered the prayers of students, faculty and staff when snow covered the campus community. Classes and activities were canceled, resulting in a well-deserved break for all.
Having a few days off allowed some to play catch-up. Much studying, completing assignments, and preparing for classes took priority while students were cooped up indoors.
“I spent my snow days getting caught up on schoolwork for my two classes and my internship,” said senior commuter Brooke Ladyman.
Many opted to face the cold and ventured outdoors all bundled up to stay warm.
“I made snowmen with my big! We used sticks, leaves and a scarf to decorate them. The snow was a little powdery so it was difficult to make, but it made the process that much more fun,” said sophomore Brooke Totzeck.
Making the most of their experience, students took part in snow-day activities that provided them with many fond memories.
“I took two little boys that I babysit in my neighborhood out to play in the snow! The snow was too soft to build a snowman so we just took a walk around our neighborhood and he told me all of his favorite things. It was nice to have quality time to spend with them,” said Ladyman.
Others decided it was best to use this time to their advantage by relaxing with friends.
“I spent my snow days hanging out inside with my roommate and her boyfriend. I played in the snow a little and just had fun. Oh and I ate everything, even had pizza delivered,” said junior Jessica Wood.
While it seemed to be all fun and games, the snow actually became more inconvenient with each passing day.
“Even though it was fun to have a few days off, it was also an inconvenience because I missed the first week of class, pretty much. So now in all my classes we are playing catch-up and leaving things out of our original plans,” said Wood.
Canceled classes and activities were just some of the routines that were interrupted. Students with internships also felt the negative effects of the snow storm and are still trying to make sure they complete all of the hours required of them.
“My internship only closed for one day but I had to take an additional day off because I was unable to get out of my neighborhood. Now I have to make up those hours in another way which puts me behind on my hours,” said Ladyman.
While there were many negative aspects of the snow, the positive ones were what mattered most.
“The best memory I would take away from this snow storm would be spending time with my friends and all the jokes and laughs we had,” said Wood.
Overall, the members of our campus community were grateful for a few days off and the chance to experience the snow the way they did when they were younger.