Marlin Ministries honors Easter and Passover Traditions

Marlin Ministries held a series of weeklong events for Holy Week, Easter and Passover. Holy Week was held from March 28 to April 4 and consisted of eight events. 

The first event was a “Palm Sunday worship” held in the CMAC gymnasium on Sunday March 28 at 4 p.m. On Monday March 29, there was a “Late Night Prayer Walk” which was hosted in front of Boyd Dining Hall. Marlin Ministries also hosted a Watch Party with an  Easter basket raffle, and a Wild Easter egg hunt which consisted of eggs being hidden and a few golden eggs with some fun prizes. During the week there was also a Passover Seder, Stations of the Cross event, and a Prayer Labyrinth Maze.  

Lastly, there was an Easter worship service held Sunday April 4 at 4 p.m in the CMAC. 

James Harrod, a VWU student  who is involved with the Marlin Ministries team, was at the Late Night Easter egg hunt. “The Easter Egg hunt was really fun and it was one of the few times recently that I’ve seen the campus be joyful. It was such a nice time to not worry about schoolwork and be able to have a fun Easter Egg Hunt and reflect on Holy Week,” said Harrod. 

Harrod also attended the Passover Seder and said, “I thought this was a fun way to see the traditions of a different religion and was really educational and I personally really liked it”. 

Justin Robbins, who is also a leader within the Marlin Ministries team and a Senior at Virginia Wesleyan, was asked about his own involvement. He helped plant the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt and worked on many of the events with others. 

“For the past 4 years, I’ve been very active with the ministries on campus. I’ve worked very closely with both chaplains, being both an intern and a work study. I’ve led several groups, and have been blessed to help train many other leaders. In all honesty, it’s training for what I want to do for a living, which is to be a pastor and educator in religious studies.” said Robbins. 

Marlin Ministries not only hosts Holy Week events but also multiple regular events throughout the week.  “Soar worship holds services on Sunday at 4. I will actually be doing a sermon on the Sunday after Easter. Then we have Monday night worship at 9 p.m. where we sing various praise songs. We meet on Fridays at 3:30 in the ministries lounge. We are doing a series on homosexuality within Christianity,” said Megan Coffren, a current VWU student.

By Kimberly DeHart