Student Sound Off

Justin Robins


While I believe that the construction should have been completed in the summer, my main concern comes from the moving of the John Wesley Statue. I’m curious whether or not the statue will remain in its awkward location, rather than its once iconic, central spot on campus. If this move is permanent, this is administration moving another step away from the Methodist history of our campus. Just like our logo changing from the UMC-inspired flame to a lighthouse, John Wesley’s movement will impact the Methodist history of our campus.

Meme Dawson

With the ongoing pandemic and everything going on within Virginia and the United States alone, I personally feel as if VWU could have gone about the remodeling differently. There are other amenities within and on campus that are breaking down such as other residential buildings and appliances within them that need to be replaced, yet are being ignored. Some of the renovations seem unnecessary, when other things needed to be fixed and replaced.


Jacob Phillips


As a commuter the construction does not affect me as much as the others who do live on campus but when I do come here there always seems to be a road closed or a building being worked on. I think they should try to limit the construction during the actual semester as the noise does sometimes interfere with classes going on. I can not speak for those who live here but from what I hear it sounds like things are not to the standard that some would think or hope to be at. 


Timothy Dias

As a commuter who only comes to campus when necessary for class, the construction rarely hinders me or my drive around campus, but it does have me thinking about other restrictions imposed on us students. For instance, as a senior I have several family members and close ones to me who were looking forward to coming to my graduation, but with only two reservations that us seniors are allowed to make, that number is now significantly reduced. I feel that if construction workers that we are indirectly or directly exposed to on campus are allowed to be here, why not an increased number of guests per graduating senior? Especially if VWU is expected to be opened up to a greater extent 3 months after graduation for the upcoming Fall semester. Especially with a decrease in COVID cases recently, and an increase in the number of US citizens with the vaccine, I don’t see why with the right precautions, we can’t have more than two guests.


Olivia Dean

I view campus construction as a nuisance and it hinders my college experience. A lot of the noises are actively distracting and construction presents physical barriers in some areas. I appreciate the efforts to make campus better but I think there should have been more thought put into how it affects the student body.


Andrew Taylor:

The removal of trees in Boyd have led to some strong thoughts from the campus community.  The three trees standing in front of the left side opening of Boyd were chopped and removed from the area.  While this is normal for construction to occur, these trees could have easily been transferred to other locations rather than being destroyed.