Summer nights at The NorVa

Featured Image: JXDN performs with artists Brent Burdent, Kenji and Tosh on the NorVa’s stage. Mikayla Moscatelli | Marlin Chronicle

With summer coming and all the concerts that follow, if you are looking for an indoor venue that is comfortable and has a more intimate feeling, the NorVa is the place for you. 

The NorVa is one of the best indoor venues that is close to Virginia Wesleyan with tickets going for about $28 plus an online fee including  ample room to get as close as you want  to the barricade without paying extra. 

Standing near the stage, jumping and swinging your arms in the air is one of the best feelings a concert-goer feels, and being able to interact with the performers on stage is another must. 

If you are lucky some nights, the openers end up at the merch stand and have a small meet and greet after the concerts for pictures and signatures.

An amazing VIP member sponsorship program allows the owner of the pass access to two tickets to any show they host, up to a year from the date of purchase. The benefits also include access to the VIP lounge that is complete with chairs, couches and, for those of age, a fully stocked bar.

  Within the lounge, a flat screen TV broadcasts the live show to ensure you never miss a moment. An added bonus is the upstairs landing, which allows VIP members to view the whole concert without any obstructions, making it the best spot in the entire venue.

With ample parking in numerous parking garages located at the MacArthur Center Mall and on the corner of Monticello and Freemason, the parking rates vary.

“I absolutely love the entire atmosphere of the NorVa—the anticipation while waiting in line to see your favorite artist, the amazing friends and cool people you meet along the way and of course the rush and adrenaline of being in the mosh pit. Whether I’m in a mosh pit or just vibing to my favorite music at the barricade, I can always count on this place for an amazing concert experience,” Grace McGhee, sophomore and member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said. 

McGhee has been to the NorVa numerous times to see Charlie XCX, X Ambassadors and Bear Hands and to attend the The Taylor Party: Taylor Swift Night. The NorVa is one of the best places to go for many different types of music. 

I thought the atmosphere of the concert was very lowkey and welcoming. It gave off very grungy vibes from the minute we walked in,” Jordan Shirley, a fellow concert-goer, said. “Jxdn and his headliners gave an emotional but beautiful performance.” Shirley went to the Jxdn concert on March 30. 

Each time I have personally gone to the NorVa for concerts, I have always had the best time. 

Two out of the three times I have gone, I ended up getting close-up pictures of the performer. 

At the most recent concert, I was close to the stage to enjoy interacting with the performers as they engaged with the audience. The guitarists of the band made their way over to my section numerous times throughout the whole concert, even naming us the best section and their favorite of the night.

Mikayla Moscatelli