The Fishing Club

Virginia Wesleyan University just recently unveiled another brand new club this semester. The Fishing Club is finally here and is welcoming new members already, thanks to freshman Rowan Stuart. Stuart is the Founder and President and has high aspirations for the newest student organization.

“The fishing club is open to all individuals so long as they are a current VWU student. The only requirement for participation in the club is to get your Virginia state fishing license,” Stuart said. “We help our members obtain them by explaining the process and helping you register.” The club is encouraging all members to receive their fishing license, because it is the basic requirement to fish with the club.

“The purpose of the fishing club will first and foremost be recreation. Fishing is a relaxing yet exhilarating pastime which all people can enjoy. We as a club will provide that fun and relaxation to those interested. Our secondary goal is education,” Stuart said. “Through participation in the club, individuals gain a unique opportunity to learn about our local fisheries and why catching your own fish is better than buying a salmon fillet from the supermarket.” 

The new club shows potential of finding quite the following on campus. “Much to my surprise I found a large amount of individuals who would love to go fishing. With such a large amount of interest I decided that one of the best ways to organize my trips and gain the resources needed would be to start a club,” Stuart said. 

The genesis for the club came from a discussion with freshman Marco Molino. “I ran the idea by a few faculty members and my friend and Vice President, Marco, to which it was decided we would start a fishing club.” Stuart said. The brand-new club has received praise from facility staff members for being well-structured and unique. 

The Fishing Club is currently looking for new members and is open to all currently registered students. If you have a passion for fishing or always have wanted to try and are interested in joining the Fishing Club, now is your chance. Contact Rowan Stuart, for the latest news, meetings and fishing information.

By Joshua Heller