The Gift of Gizmos

Everybody has that one relative or one friend that they struggle to find a gift for. Many will wait till the last minute in hopes that the more stores they visit then they’re bound to see something jump out at them, but that’s not always the case. Have no fear! Amazon is here!

Amazon offers a search for “gadget gifts under $10” and surprisingly enough, it is full of some very useful and interesting gifts. Everything from kitchen aides to men’s shaving accessories to wireless cell phone chargers. Not only does this provide the shopper with a multitude of affordable gifts, but it also doesn’t require the effort of going holiday shopping in a store with long lines.  

While some enjoy the online shopping experience more, when it comes to Christmas shopping others, enjoy the shopping experience at their favorite stores.“If you’re looking for gadgets and gizmos galore at a reasonable price, believe it or not, Best Buy is actually a good place to go. They have a good amount of tech and hardware for a decent price,” freshman Victor Smith said.

Best Buy tends to have great deals around the holidays, especially when it comes to door busters, but they are also known for their great holiday deals on tech gadgets.  

Others go to stores they regularly shop at and know they will find what they’re searching for there. “My go-to place for Christmas Shopping is definitely Target. Everybody goes into Target not needing anything and walking out with everything. If I’m really ballin’ on a budget, I’ll shop at Walmart,” freshman AJ Adan said.

While Target has a plethora of great holiday buys, Walmart definitely does and at an affordable price. When it comes to shopping for great gifts on a college budget, it’s important to know where you can get the best gifts for the best prices.  

If you’re really trying to find something great for an affordable price, Amazon has the Echo Dot (2nd Generation) for sale on for $24.99. While this goes over $20 the Amazon Echo Dot is a gift gadget that many don’t realize how versatile it is until they have it. The Amazon Echo Dot is a “hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices and make phone calls.” It’s essentially a digital butler for household help. If you need to order a pizza, the Amazon Echo can do it through voice command.  

Great stocking stuffers or gifts for younger siblings can be found at Target under their $25 and under section online. You can purchase the item online and pick it up in store if it’s something you need quick. A great gadget that Target offers online is a space theater planetarium for under $20. This could be a great gift for a sibling or a niece or nephew.  

Walmart always has great deals, but the holiday traffic can be horrendous. Walmart also offers shopping online and pick-up in the store for those looking to avoids the holiday rush.  

There is a slew of gifts online at that can fulfill any shopping list at under $25 for each item. Such as a TV wall mount for a room at $19.99. Or a Tzumi PopSolo Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone that attaches to your phone. This product could be a great gift idea for any friends or family that spend a lot of time singing or enjoy singing. And the best part is that it is under $20.  

Another great holiday gift gadget could be a new shave kit for a father or brother. Walmart offers a Harry’s Holiday Men’s Shave Set for less than $20 and it comes with everything needed.  

If all else fails and you run out of ideas for a particular family member, a great and affordable solution for anyone is gift cards. The great thing about gift cards is they can be found just about anywhere, and they provide a gift that that individual may actually want or need. While gift cards may seem impersonal to some, others actively seek these holiday present bypasses in order to get a particular item that they may have otherwise paid for themselves. If you’re struggling to find a particular store to get the gift card for. Walgreens and other convenience stores offer Visa gift cards for those that want to either spend the money in different locations or it allows the individual to shop online anywhere, thus avoiding any lingering holiday traffic after Christmas.

Garry Sjodin